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Name NY-Utica-Stanley
Number of Archive records 11
Number of Photo records 44

Associated Records

Image of Terry Helgesen Collection - Theatres of Thomas Lamb

Terry Helgesen Collection - Theatres of Thomas Lamb

Book 4 (of 26) of the Terry Helgesen Scrapbooks. Book 4 covers the theatres of Thomas Lamb.

Image of THS Theatre File - NY-Utica-Stanley

THS Theatre File - NY-Utica-Stanley

This Theatre file is for NY-Utica-Stanley Each theatre has its own file and the policy is to use the EARLIEST KNOWN NAME of the theatre. Files may include newspaper clippings, programs, photographs, etc.

Steve Levin Collection - New York - Miscellaneous

Folder Contains Images Of Theatre Exteriors - Aurora, Aurora; Rko Proctors, New Rochelle; Stanley, Utica

Editor's Collection - NY-Utica-Stanley

This folder contains photographic prints for the NY-Utica-Stanley Theatre

Thomas DuBuque Collection - New York State 2 of 3

Paper Records, Visual Materials: postcards, clippings (newsprint, print, photocopies), promotional materials, programs, publications (After Dark, February 1978), correspondents, newsletters, conference materials (THS Conclave 1976)

Postcard Collection - Utica, NY

This folder contains 9 postcards and 3 duplicates from Utica, New York theatres. Stanley Theatre marquee (NY-69). Sam Schubert Theatre and Keith's Vaudeville streetview (NY-68). Orpheum and Majestic Theatres exterior streetview (NY-67, ACC #04-031, NY-68). Stanley Theatre building exterior (NY-69). Stanley Performing Arts Center interior (NY-69A, NY-69-B).

Negative Collection - NY-Utica-Stanley

This folder contains 11 negatives of the NY-UtiCA-Stanley Theatre NY-34-1-1 Thru NY-36-3

Fred Beall Collection - Rochester 1999

This folder contains 23 photo prints of theatres in Albany, Buffalo, Geneva, Rochester, Rome, Syracuse, Tonawanda, and Utica, New York; Negatives

Michael R Miller Collection - NY-Utica-Stanley

Individual slide ID and view are as follows: Slide ID: NY-MM-39-1-01 - View: NY-Utica-Stanley 1978 Exterior Slide ID: NY-MM-39-1-02 - View: NY-Utica-Stanley Outer Vestibule Slide ID: NY-MM-39-1-03 - View: NY-Utica-Stanley Outer Lobby Towards Entrance Slide ID: NY-MM-39-1-04 - View: NY-Utica-Stanley Lobby Postercases , Light Fixture & Ceiling Slide ID: NY-MM-39-1-05 - View: NY-Utica-Stanley Main Lobby Towards Stairs Slide ID: NY-MM-39-1-06 - View: NY-Utica-Stanley Main Lobby From Stairs Slide ID: NY-MM-39-1-07 - View: NY-Utica-Stanley Main Lobby From Promenade Slide ID: NY-MM-39-1-08 - View: NY-Utica-Stanley Main Lobby Ceiling Detail Slide ID: NY-MM-39-1-09 - View: NY-Utica-Stanley Ma

Bill Benedict Collection - NY-Utica-Stanley

Individual slide ID and view are as follows: Slide ID: 26A-001 - View: Exterior night view Slide ID: 26A-002 - View: Exterior front view dusk Slide ID: 26A-003 - View: Exterior marquee Slide ID: 26A-004 - View: Lighting under marquee Slide ID: 26A-005 - View: Box office Slide ID: 26A-006 - View: Box office Slide ID: 26A-007 - View: Outer lobby Slide ID: 26A-008 - View: Inner lobby staircase Slide ID: 26A-009 - View: Inner lobby showing mezzanine promenade Slide ID: 26A-010 - View: Staircase cove & chandelier Slide ID: 26A-011 - View: Staircase cove Slide ID: 26A-012 - View: Lobby chandelier Slide ID: 26A-013 - View: Lobby from mezzanine promenade Slide ID: 26A-014 - View: Light

James Foley Collection - NY-Utica-Stanley - slides

This folder contains 35mm photographic slides of the Stanley theatre in Utica, NY