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Name MO-Kansas City-Loew's Midland
Number of Archive records 6
Number of Object records 0
Number of Library records 0
Number of Photo records 0

Associated Records

Image of Terry Helgesen Collection - Theatres of Thomas Lamb

Terry Helgesen Collection - Theatres of Thomas Lamb

Book 4 (of 26) of the Terry Helgesen Scrapbooks. Book 4 covers the theatres of Thomas Lamb.

THS Theatre File - MO-Kansas City-Loew's Midland/Midland

This Theatre file is for MO-Kansas City-Loew's Midland/Midland Each theatre has its own file and the policy is to use the EARLIEST KNOWN NAME of the theatre. Files may include newspaper clippings, programs, photographs, etc.

Thomas DuBuque Collection - Missouri

Paper Records, Visual Materials: photographs, publications (Boxoffice, January 20, 1975), promotional materials, clippings (photocopies), newsletters, correspondence

Thomas DuBuque Collection - New York State 2 of 3

Paper Records, Visual Materials: postcards, clippings (newsprint, print, photocopies), promotional materials, programs, publications (After Dark, February 1978), correspondents, newsletters, conference materials (THS Conclave 1976)

Fred Beall Collection - Kansas City, MO

This folder contains 24 postcards of theatres in Kansas City, Missouri

Fred Beall Collection - Scrapbook 8-2 of 2 St. Louis-Kansas City-Misc.

This folder contains 27 photo prints of theatres in Kansas City, Missouri; and Great Falls, Montana